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Nexia's Innovative Indoor and Outdoor HD Cameras Show Promising Smart Home Features

Two innovative high-definition (HD) cameras have been introduced by Nexia™, a pioneer in smart home technology and a brand of Ingersoll Rand. The innovative cameras feature infrared illumination, wide-angle views, and flexible online solutions that enable subscribers to save and watch video.

The weather-proof Nexia HD Outdoor Camera - priced at an MSRP of $189 - has the ability to deliver high-quality video, of 1280 x 720 pixels. The video can be integrated with other smart Nexia-compatible products, enabling automations to be made to ensure an easier, safer, and simpler life. For instance, integrating the weather-proof Nexia HD Outdoor Camera with the Nexia doorbell sensor enables a user to see who is at the door or whether a package has been delivered, virtually from anywhere.

The new Nexia indoor camera has a wide-angle field of view of 140°, and its 1920 x 1080, 4 megapixel sensor also provides a high-quality video. It can also be integrated with other Nexia-compatible products.

Cameras are one of the most popular products in the Nexia lineup, and we want to give our customers the opportunity to monitor their homes with quality video – from sharp images to a wider viewing area. The beauty of Nexia is our new camera allows subscribers to add upgraded technology to their existing systems knowing that it will work seamlessly and securely with everything they already have.

George Land, General Manager of Nexia

The entire range of Nexia Wi-Fi cameras make use of the Nexia cloud platform in order to encrypt the video streams at the camera, thus reiterating to the users that only they will be able to view the feed.

Additionally, the Nexia cameras currently provide three flexible cloud storage plans:

  • Users can access live streaming video from their Nexia cameras by using a limited, free option, which is compatible with Nexia on-board bridges incorporated in various American Standard™ and Trane® thermostats.
  • Users can avail a premium service package - included in the standard $9.99 per month package provided by Nexia) - which offers immediate and automatic backup of files, advanced user controls, 4 GB of cloud storage, and also access to the complete functionality of a Nexia smart home system.
  • Alternatively, users can avail a plan that offers 12 GB of storage, which can be used for live streaming, recording and storage of video. This plan can be added either to the free plan for $1.99 per month, or to the Nexia additional storage subscription.

Apart from providing additional options to homeowners, the new Nexia HD cameras also offer more choices to heating and air conditioning dealers, homebuilders, as well as audio-visual installers who are offering smart home systems as part of their services, to an increasing extent.

For instance, most homebuilders are incorporating smart-home features in their recently developed communities, where Nexia is the highly favored provider for certain largest homebuilders of the nation. Nexia has established company ties in the field of residential heating and air conditioning, making it easy for dealers and installers to broaden the functionality of thermostats manufactured by its parent company.

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