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Custom Laser Delivers More Than 300 Watts and is Comparable in Size to a Laptop

QPC Lasers, Inc., a world leader in the design and manufacture of high brightness, high power semiconductor lasers for the consumer display, industrial, defense, and medical markets, announced today that it has shipped a compact custom Ultra(TM) laser exceeding 300 watts to a US Government prime contractor. Leveraging QPC's proprietary BrightLock(TM) laser chip technology, the high power and high brightness laser is the size of a small laptop and was designed for an undisclosed application.

The BrightLock(TM) Ultra(TM) is one of the company’s Generation III products announced in late 2007 (see press release dated September 26, 2007). BrightLock(TM) laser chip technology enables ultra compact laser footprints by reducing system cooling requirements and eliminating the need for external components which are expensive, bulky and require routine maintenance. The BrightLock(TM) Ultra(TM) is a high performance laser engine, featuring a compact, lightweight footprint that utilizes an advanced on-chip technology to produce a narrow stable emission spectrum designed for energizing solid state and fiber laser systems.

QPC’s Generation III technology offers up to a ten fold improvement in cost, size, weight, power consumption, and ruggedness compared to today’s conventional non-chip based laser technology. QPC believes its Generation III technology may have the capacity to revolutionize the existing multibillion dollar solid state and gas laser market by enabling the replacement of massive lasers with miniature chip-based solutions. Furthermore, QPC’s technology offers significantly reduced power consumption which is of particular importance in aerospace, consumer, and industrial applications which require high power lasers to operate on limited energy sources. Generation III technology was developed in part under contracts with the US Government.

“We are pleased to meet this important defense customer’s need for a compact high performance laser engine by deploying our BrightLock(TM) chip technology into our high brightness UltraTM fiber coupled product platform,” stated Paul Rudy, Ph.D., Vice President of Marketing and Sales for QPC. “High peak power operation is a critical requirement for several defense applications including rangefinding, targeting, and remote sensing. Our BrightLock(TM) Ultra(TM) products meet this need uniquely with rugged and compact solutions that can endure demanding environmental conditions.”

QPC’s Generation III technology also addresses a variety of commercial applications. For industrial customers, QPC offers energy-efficient, reliable and cost-effective packages critical for laser micro-machining, engraving and marking applications. For medical surgical and therapeutic applications, QPC’s lasers feature a high brightness beam that can be delivered into the body through an extremely narrow optical fiber from a compact, easy-to-use and cost-effective source. The liase is designed to emit at particular wavelengths that are strongly absorbed by the body such as water in tissue, hemoglobin in blood, or melanin in skin.

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