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Amerlux Designs New Stellina Linear LED Lighting Fixtures with Enlighted Smart Sensors for Supermarkets

Amerlux takes your light source out of the traditional straight-line format and into an arched realm of new design possibilities with Stellina Linear LED, optionally equipped with Enlighted Smart Sensors for aisle lighting in supermarkets. Softly curved fixtures offer clean lines and sleek styling that reshape light with innovation, flexibility and quality performance.

Amerlux Stellina creates the shape of light to come with LED aisle lighting using Enlighted Smart Sensors (PRNewsFoto/Amerlux)

"The use of LED linear aisle lighting fixtures used within the supermarket industry haven't taken hold as quickly as they have within the commercial market," says Bill Plageman, vice president of marketing, for Amerlux. "The reason is: the dry goods aisles are lit with inexpensive fluorescent fixtures due to the lower profit margins within those areas. Today, linear LED is available at the right price and when you include dimming controls, motion and photocell sensors, linear LED not only saves energy and maintenance costs but delivers better color on packaging with better clarity.

"Amerlux can design in all of those benefits but can also turn their lights into data collecting devices providing information that could prove to be invaluable. Although typical LED fixtures can return up to 60% savings on energy with controls, Amerlux's Lighting systems offer nearly 85% energy savings," Mr. Plageman added.

Amerlux's Stellina luminaires feature Enlighted Digital Smart Sensors, which offer motion, photocell and dimming capabilities along with data collection, in each fixture. Retailers can control the space they manage, see how shoppers navigate the store, reduce energy spends and big data analytics generated through this technology while impacting the bottom line through substantial cost savings. A seamless, dense data network collects and communicates detailed information wirelessly on building occupancy and performance, environmental conditions, ambient light levels, temperature, and energy consumption, with the potential to extend savings to HVAC, demand response systems, security, safety, and other space management applications.

Very thin at only 1.5 inches, Amerlux Stellina LED Linear is offered as a direct pendant, indirect pendant or low bay fixture. Fixtures are offered in color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K and two wattages-- 5 watts per foot (with 20-watt systems) or 10 watts per foot (with 40-watt systems).

A global trailblazer in lighting technology and design, Amerlux understands that the true power of light is not measured in lumens alone, but ultimately in the human responses it creates. Brilliant innovators in brand-new Oakland, N.J., headquarters, Amerlux develops, manufactures, and delivers amazing architectural grade lighting solutions that span virtually every interior and exterior application and leads the industry in integrated intelligent lighting systems.


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