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Advanced Optical Filters from Brinell Vision UK Propelled into Orbit on Thursday Thanks to the Successful Launch of the Indian Space Research Organisations Latest Satellite

India’s Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle lifted off at 1120 GMT (7:20 a.m. EDT) Thursday. Credit: ISRO

India’s Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle blasted off on Thursday 8th September with a meteorological observatory destined to track storms and tropical cyclones from a position more than 22,000 miles above Earth.

The payload, Insat 3DR is the heaviest payload to be launched to date by India’s space research organisation (ISRO) weighing in at 2211Kg. Insat 3DR’s imager can take pictures of cloud patterns and storm systems in six spectral bands, utilising Brinell Vision’s advanced Infrared Optical filter technology, allowing forecasters to track weather systems 24hours/day.

Over 70 per cent of the rural households in India depend on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood. Agriculture, along with fisheries and forestry, is one of the largest contributors to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country.

Insat 3DR will help to forecast future weather conditions and track extreme conditions such as cyclones, monsoons, land-slides and even forest fires. INSAT 3DR certainly fulfils the ISRO mission of ‘bringing space to the service of the common man, to the service of the Nation’.

Brinell Vision have developed one of the most advanced, environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes for production of Infra-red filters at its development facility in Scotland, UK.

The technology was instrumental in meeting the complex design requirement and stringent environmental performance demanded by ISRO. The company, formed in 2010 by Adam Brierley and Henry Orr, recently appeared on Sky News due to its latest development in special laser protection eyewear for commercial pilots and the emergency services (ST Laserstrike).

About Brinell Vision

Brinell Vision is an integral part of a manufacturing partnership with production based in the UK and Germany. They provide customer focussed solutions for laser protection, laser filters and display applications using the latest design and manufacturing methods in thin film deposition. All Brinell Vision products are manufactured to European quality management ISO9001 standard and laser protection products are certified according to EN 207, EN208 & EN12254.

Brinell Vision operates in medical & industrial laser, security & military optics, instrumentation & fluorescence technology, communication, research and development. Brinell's optical technology is used in diverse areas such as medical laser surgery, disease control, new generation sola power, night vision and daylight readable display for aircraft.

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