Embedded Vision Web Portal Goes Live

Imaginghub is a unique online community portal for engineers, software developers, and hobbyists interested in embedded vision and potential applications, ranging from beginner to professional level. To support the development of embedded vision solutions, Imaginghub has teamed up with major key players of the industry such as Advantech, NVIDIA, and Xilinx.

Imaginghub, a new community around embedded vision topics, is now online and open for user registration. The web-based collaboration portal will give engineers, software developers, and hobbyists the unique opportunity to work on joint embedded vision solutions, find project partners, share knowledge and reference designs, and present their projects to a broader audience. Imaginghub is powered by camera manufacturer Basler.

Imaginghub meets the emerging trend towards combining embedded design and vision technology. The embedded approach allows compact high-performance systems for a wide variety of applications, but integrating a high-quality board level camera requires knowledge and resources. As a community portal, Imaginghub aims to facilitate mutual exchange of design experiences and thus reduce integration efforts on the way to cost-effective embedded vision solutions.

The Imaginghub portal is based on three areas: Forums, Projects, and Partners. The forums area is used to discuss technologies, applications, and product opportunities. In separate project rooms, developers can work together on embedded vision projects and use the partner area to find suitable hardware, software, and integration partners for those projects.

Partner companies already on board are excited about the possibilities.

Embedded vision has become a key technology for many solutions in automation, and Imaginghub helps us to align Advantech’s embedded systems approach with this emerging industry trend. Embedded vision is a very fast growing trend in the electronics industry. Systems will continue to increase in complexity in support of real-time image recognition and analytics and scalable sensor fusion,” said Aaron Behman, director of corporate strategy and marketing at Xilinx. “Imaginghub will provide developers, engineers and hobbyists with resources to rapidly develop sophisticated vision-based systems.

Maurice van der Aa, Product Sales Manager for the Industrial IoT Group at industrial computer manufacturer Advantech

As a starting point for embedded vision applications, Basler has launched the Basler PowerPack dart USB for Evaluation, a plug and play evaluation kit for the Basler dart camera series. The PowerPack comes with an extremely compact Basler dart USB camera, a suitable lens, and a cable, to allow developers and customers to easily evaluate a Basler dart camera. The pylon camera software suite with its easy-to-use SDK facilitates seamless integration and can be downloaded for free. Learn more about the Basler PowerPack dart USB for Evaluation at

Learn more and join Imaginghub at

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