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GCE Signs Distribution Agreements with EPG Source to Launch Dollar-LED-Club, Lifetime Warranty Program

Global Clean Energy, Inc., GCE has signed distribution agreements with EPG Source of Dallas, Texas a leading Smart Energy and LED provider.

EPG Source is a one-source solution for Solar PV, Energy Storage and LED Systems with National distribution facilities throughout the US incorporating equipment, logistics, warehousing and delivery. EPG Source eliminates the need for multiple suppliers, streamlines cash flows, and provides merchant financing.

EPG Source is headed by Mr. Christian Siebens founder of the Clean Energy Division of Affiliated Distributors, the largest independent distributor of energy products in North America with sales in excess of $32 billion dollars. "We fully embrace GCE's business model and had been studying a similar plan at EPG. Thus it was a natural addition to our business to provide logistics, fulfillment and warranty support for GCE," stated Siebens.

With this agreement, GCE has all supply chains and logistics in place to launch its programs commencing with its Dollar-LED-Club, its Lifetime Warranty program and support its product expansion plan. "Lighting is the perfect medium to insert the other smart connectivity products to fill the house, because you use light everywhere," stated Philip Smallwood, the director of L.E.D. and lighting research for Silicon Valley-based Strategies Unlimited.

The agreement gives GCE access to a full range of smart energy technologies available to meet the needs of our customers. The U.S. Department of Energy considers the widespread adoption of LED technology to offer the greatest potential impact on energy conservation in the country. Current penetration in the LED market is seven per cent worldwide, and is expected by lighting analysts to reach fifty per cent by 2022. The LED market will bring in an estimated $38 billion dollars this year.

GCE's Lifetime Warranty program has gained critical acclaim since the New Yorker Magazine's recent whistle blower article called the industry to task "Instead of providing a product designed to last, obsolescence remains the rule of the day. THE L.E.D. QUANDARY: WHY THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS “BUILT TO LAST” J. B. MacKinnon, New Yorker JULY 14, 2016. With the advent of L.E.D. bulbs, we now have perhaps the first mass-consumer product of the twenty-first century to challenge planned obsolescence".

GCE's model of creating non-obsolescence in the LED industry parallels the razor blade excessive pricing practices, which gave way to the Dollar Shave Club phenomenon. "In both markets, consumers have been taken for granted and obvious market opportunities overlooked. Last month's $1 Billion sale of Dollar Shave Club to Unilever says it all," stated Dr. Earl Azimov, GCE President. According to the report in the New York Times "Unilever is paying $1 billion for Dollar Shave Club, a five-year-old start-up that sells razors and other personal products for men. Every other company should be afraid, very afraid".

The New York Times goes on to say, "The same forces that drove Dollar Shave's rise are altering a wide variety of consumer product categories. Together, they add up to something huge - a new slate of companies that are exploring novel ways of making and marketing some of the most lucrative products we buy today".

"We have done our research; we know exactly which market demographic segments resonate with lifetime warranties and energy saving programs, and which rooms and lighting essentials are priorities for our specific target markets. Just consider the market size, diversity, growth and revenue," says Azimov. "We will offer LED bulbs with 40,000 hour average usage rates with complete coverage for the life of the home. GCE will officially launch Dollar-LED-Club in Q4 2016 and run all commercial operations, marketing, sales and media, with sourcing, fulfillment, delivery and logistics handled by EPG Source".


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