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Molex Introduces Woodhead Haztex High-Output LED Haz-Duty Light

Molex has introduced the Woodhead® Haztex® High-Output LED Haz-Duty Light. With integrated LEDs, this hazardous-duty fixture provides greatly enhanced durability and lamp life. The light can be used in a host of hazardous applications where uptime and safety are crucial, such as maintenance operations at petrochemical sites.

“The preinstalled, integral LED light engine nearly eliminates any chance for failure because the light source cannot be unscrewed or unmated,” said Tom McCollum product manager, Molex. “Also, the high-output LED provides 15% more luminosity and 10 times more lamp life than a 100W incandescent bulb.”

The handlamp’s 20W power consumption reduces power-infrastructure costs by requiring smaller generators, smaller wire sizes and fewer receptacles. It also generates less heat for more effective use in environments that are often already hot. A frosted, tempered-glass globe helps diffuse the light and soften “hotspots” associated with some LED fixtures.

Petrochemical facility shutdowns require carefully orchestrated groups of contractors to perform critical maintenance tasks in hazardous environments. Rough handling of traditional fluorescent or incandescent light sources in these settings leads to frequent breakage of the filament or the lamp. When using Haztex High-Output LED Haz-Duty Lights, contractors are not delayed by frequent lamp failures and, more importantly, do not find themselves in unsafe situations due to the loss of their light source.

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