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AOS Technologies Unveils New High-Speed Camera Platform

AOS Technologies, adding to its already solid reputation for superior high-speed recording technology, has unveiled a new high-speed camera platform that boasts a remarkable set of capabilities. The C-series platform has been engineered around a uniquely powerful multimedia processor; AOS anticipates the camera system will serve as the technological foundation for future generations of high-speed camera. Additionally, the C-series of camera systems establishes a bold new standard in compact design, cementing AOS' position as a hardware engineering pioneer.

"The C-series represents a genuine all-in-one camera, with all the features end users expect from hardware built for application like heavy industry, crash testing, aerospace and defense research," said Stephan Trost, president of AOS Technologies AG. "By combining strength, robust performance and a compact form factor, AOS continues to be a global leader in high-speed cameras that meet the most exacting reliability standards."

An innovative multimedia processor delivering exceptional image quality is at the heart of all C-series cameras. The processor enables built-in, lossless, on-the-fly compression of image data. Once compressed, data is then stored in the camera's on-board memory. The result is significantly extended recording time, and/or reduced memory costs for the same length of recording. The processor's unique capabilities are also a major factor in how AOS was able to create a system so compact, yet still so powerful. A highly sensitive collection of optical sensors is packed neatly within this compact design, and the company expects further advances as engineers discover ways to make this technology ever smaller and stronger. During the research phase, the company partnered with a leading Swiss university to develop a high-speed algorithm that makes on-the-fly compression possible.

The C-series is the first series of cameras built upon this research. As the initial production model, the C-VIT provides image resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels at up to 500 frames per second (fps). By reducing resolution to 1920 x 1080 – which is still full HDTV format – the camera achieves a stunning 1000 frames per second. In terms of durability, the camera can withstand forces up to 150gs and brief spikes to 200gs, making it ideal for any application where high shock resistance is a must.

An optional add-on for this new camera platform is a wireless access point for scenarios in which cable-less operation is necessary, such as inside sealed enclosures. The camera may also be equipped with a CFast card interface and a micro SD slot for data storage. Optional a live video output is available on the platform, as well.

With the release of the C-series, AOS Technologies is spearheading the transition to smarter high-speed cameras for defense, aerospace, automotive and other industries. The C-series represent the first line of cameras within its niche to feature such a broad assortment of cutting-edge solutions and capabilities. The company is planning to adopt next-generation sensors into this platform for future products that push the technological envelope even further.


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