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Molex Showcases Transcend Network Connected LED Lighting System at Cisco Live! Las Vegas

Molex, a Cisco Solutions Technology Integrator and member of the Cisco® Digital Ceiling partner community, will be exhibiting at Cisco Live! Las Vegas, to be held July 10-14 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. The event is focused on educating and inspiring leaders in the world of digital business transformation.

Members of the Digital Ceiling community will be featured in a special section of the show floor that focuses on the growing range of intelligent LED lighting solutions. Molex has developed the Transcend® Network Connected LED Lighting System and will showcase the system at Cisco Live! Las Vegas. In addition, Molex will be displaying its full range of infrastructure deployment services and Project Control Methodology for IT and building systems, such as Transcend, at the event.

Cisco and its partner companies are deploying the Digital Ceiling, an indoor LED lighting initiative that leverages Cisco’s highly secure network technology. The scalable, repeatable and implantable framework for the commercial lighting sector includes Cisco’s validated design and documented solution architecture.

The Transcend system is an integral part of the Digital Ceiling initiative. Molex recently announced the creation of the Transcend Alliance, which, coupled with the Digital Ceiling Framework, is designed to create momentum to drive industry adoption. The Transcend Alliance is a collaborative effort with LED lighting partner companies whose Transcend-enabled products become an important part of the Transcend solution. The alliance allows for a fuller range of fixture options for lighting designers and architects to more completely satisfy the demands of building owners.

Cisco Live! Las Vegas is also an excellent venue to collaborate with IT and building infrastructure system designers. As a Solutions Technology Integrator of network infrastructure, Molex can optimize design and deployment of even the most complex infrastructure projects through the use of its Project Control Methodology, which is designed for organizations with complex build and installation projects.

“Building developers, building owners, architects and construction engineering firms now have access to a proven, integrated approach to drive outcomes for their business or their clients, whether it’s increased energy efficiency, purposeful lighting control, personal productivity and worker comfort, or new revenue streams through better analytics,” said Mike Picini, Molex. “We are proud to be a Cisco partner and a part of the Digital Ceiling, and we look forward to demonstrating at Cisco LED lighting.”

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