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FUJIFILM’s New Hot-Shoe Mount Flash EF-X500 Enables Flash Photography at High Shutter Speed

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has announced that, in September, 2016, it will add the high-end multi-function external flash “Hot-shoe mount flash EF-X500” to the lineup of accessories for the X Series of digital cameras.

The EF-X500 is a hot-shoe mount flash with the maximum guide number of approx. 50*. High-speed flash synchronization, FP mode, offers the flash at any shutter speed. This means you can concentrate on shooting even when a faster shutter speed is required, for example, in order to use a near-maximum aperture to produce beautiful bokeh.

The EF-X500 also features wireless multi-flash TTL auto function. Setting up multiple flashes and freely controling light on a subject and background offer a creative result. The TTL auto function is available with multi-flash setup as well as single flash, so that you can start shooting without making additional adjustments to light output.

1. Product name, release date, pricing

  • Product name: Hot-shoe mount flash EF-X500
  • Release date: September, 2016
  • Recommended retail price: Open

2. Main product features

a. FP flash (high-speed flash sync) enables flash photography at any shutter speed

  • With cameras equipped with a focal plane shutter, when the shutter speed is high, the first and second shutter curtains move across at the same time, making the exposure through a narrow vertical slit between them. It prevented light from a conventional flash to reach only a small section of the sensor. This is why a slower shutter speed must be used in flash photography, with the range of available shutter speeds severely limited.
  • The EF-X500 supports the FP mode (high-speed flash sync), in which the flash outputs continuous light while the first and second curtains travel across the sensor, thereby enabling flash photography at any shutter speed.
  • When shooting with a near-maximum aperture to create beautiful bokeh, the shutter speed tends to go higher. The EF-X500 frees photographers from being conscious about shutter speed limitations, and allows them to focus on shooting.

b. Wireless multi-flash TTL freely controlling light on subject and background to enable creative photography

  • The EF-X500 can be used in multi-flash setup to freely control light on a subject and background for a creative result. The TTL auto function is available with the multi-flash setup as well as single flash, so that you can start shooting without making additional adjustments to light output.
  • Multiple flashes can be controlled up to three groups, each of which can be set up with different light output, allowing you to fine-tune the light. The light output can also be adjusted from the camera.

c. Dust-resistant and weather-resistant capabilities expanding the scope of photographic fields when used with X Series cameras

  • This is the first Fujifilm flash with dust-resistant and weather-resistant. Using it with the weather-sealed X Series of cameras can broaden your photographic fields.

d. Innovative design with low center of gravity creating a perfect harmony with the lightweight and compact X Series of digital cameras

  • The front side of the EF-X500's main body is applied with leather texture to compliment the design of the X Series. It is designed with low center of gravity to maintain ease of operation when mounted on the X Series of cameras, known for their light weight and compact bodies.

3. Other product features

  • Maximum guide number of approx. 50 (ISO100・m) / 164 (ISO100•ft)*
  • Zooming the illumination angle for the focal lengths of 24mm - 105mm**, and covering the illumination angle of around 20mm** when the wide panel is used
  • Flash head that can be tilted up by 90 degrees, down by 10 degrees, to the left by 135 degrees and to the right by 180 degrees for bouncing light
  • Equipped with LED video light that can also be used as AF assist light and catchlight
  • Registers up to ten combinations of various settings. Advance registration of specific shooting conditions makes it easy to activate the setting quickly when required.

* At illumination angle for the focal length of 105mm (35mm format equivalent)
** 35mm-format equivalent

4. Optional accessories

  • Battery pack “EF-BP1”
  • The external battery pack “EF-BP1” takes eight AA batteries to shorten charging time and improve the number of flashes per charge.


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