Spectrum Completes Ordering All Optical Elements Required to Build Lens Stack of POC

NexOptic Technology Corp.  and Spectrum Optix Inc. are pleased to announce that Spectrum has completed orders for all optical elements required to build the lens stack for their proof of concept prototype.

Included in the order is the glass procurement and construction, using existing optical industry glass types, of Spectrum's patent pending Blade Optics™ technology, which contains flat lenses. The optical elements, ordered entirely from North America, are anticipated to be manufactured and delivered in approximately ten weeks.

As previously announced, the POC will utilize Spectrum's patent pending Blade Optics™ technology, other optical elements and electronic components. The optical elements that have been ordered were designed and engineered in Phase I and II of the Companies' POC development program. Furthermore, the procurement and construction of Blade Optics™ using established North American manufacturers and industry standard glass types will demonstrate the Companies' commercial off-the-shelf ("COTS") technology development approach. The Companies believe their COTS approach can reduce supply chain risks, which could enable potential customers to adopt a global supply chain strategy. This is a differentiator from many photonics technologies that use nanotechnology or metamaterial, which can be difficult to source and supply.

Ruda Cardinal Inc. ("Ruda") of Tucson Arizona is the prime contractor for engineering of the POC. Ruda develops novel designs for many industries, including both military and space qualified prototypes, and will leverage this experience to conduct a strict quality control process that, upon delivery of the optical order, will verify if each element, including Blade Optics™, conforms to the drawing specifications and tolerances determined in Phase II of the POC development program.

Prototype Development Schedule

The Companies are currently nearing completion of Phase III of IV for their POC development program. Phase III includes, but is not limited to, completing the engineering of the mechanical components required to hold the ordered optical elements in place and the tooling designs to assemble the device.

The final phase of the POC development (Phase IV) will be the assembly phase that will join the optical elements and mechanical components together. This phase will also include characterizing the optical quality and performance metrics of the POC.

The Proof of Concept Prototype

As previously disclosed, the POC will be a first of its kind imaging telescope with a narrow field of view and is intended to demonstrate the benefits and use cases of Spectrum's patent pending Blade Optics™ imaging technology. Initial optical markets most aligned with the POC include the consumer telescope, scope and binocular markets. The Companies intend to pursue the development of Blade Optics™ for additional potential verticals upon completion of the POC, including mobile device applications. The POC's development and assembly is being assisted by Ruda, an internationally recognized industry leader in optical prototype construction and design.

Stock Option Grant

NexOptic also reports that it has granted an aggregate of 910,000 stock options to directors, officers, employees and consultants having an exercise price of $0.40 and a term of five years.

Source: http://www.nexoptic.com/

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