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EyeVision for In-Line control of Bio Markers

The EyeVision is an image processing software, which can be used for various different application, such as e.g. the in-line control of bio markers.

The situation at a customer was as follows:

a machine applies the bio marker with the help of a capillary (those black spots as seen on the images) onto a glass plate.

To check the completeness of the spot, a motor controller is triggering a smart camera (such as the EyeCheck series smart cameras) asynchronously. The spot applied latest should be checked for completeness. For this a required position, which has to be taught in beforehand, has to be sought in the distance of X. The bio marker then gets measured in height, width and surface. As soon as the drop is positioned on the array the diameter (80 – 200 µm) measured instantly.

For the inspection program the command „Count Objects“ was used to find the spot, no matter if it is too big or too small. The measurement results are then sent to a PC, which has to decide if the application of the spot on the array has to be repeated or if maybe the capillary is empty.

After that the evaluation of the bio marker is carried out on the camera. The required values of width, height and area are already set beforehand and the EyeCheck smart camera is assessing the bio marker. In case the result is OK, a digital output is set and the motor controller is continuing with the application of bio markers. In case the spot is faulty, the motor controller stops.

The EyeVision software is also very easy to handle. With the drag-and-drop function of the graphical user interface, no programming skills are necessary. The commands are displayed with icons and those can be dragged into the program editor to create an inspection program. In addition the EyeVision software also supports Profinet as communication possibility.


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