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35 New Exhibitors at Photonex and Vision UK Event

With a broad light technologies remit, this event provides you with the unique opportunity to meet the UK’s top supplier companies, innovators & leading science groups and attend the in-depth 'Enlighten' conference covering applications, technology advances, innovations and emerging technologies.

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AP Technologies announces a new generation of SensL SiPM

SensL Technologies’ latest generation of Silicon Photomultiplier introduces a world-leading combination of performance and packaging.

New “J-series” SiPMs achieve an excellent peak Photon Detection Efficiency of >51% at 420nm with an extended sensitivity range of <250nm to 900nm.

SensL’s trademark low breakdown voltage with excellent uniformity is maintained with figures of
24.5±0.25V. SensL customers achieve <±9% optical signal uniformity when a single voltage is applied across large numbers of devices – eliminating the need to select/bin or individually calibrate SiPMs in production...MORE>

Take a look at the NEW exhibitors this year.

There is a greatly enhanced range of products at the show this year. There are 35 NEW EXHIBITORS (who did not exhibit at PHOTONEX last year). Here is a summary from half of these new exhibitors. In our next newsletter we will feature more new exhibitors.

Exhibitors A to L.

Aerotech Ltd | Designs & manufactures the highest performance motion control, positioning tables/stages & positioning systems for customers in industry, government, science, & research institutions around the world. Typical applications include Fibre alignment, beamline experiments & industrial laser micromachining systems to name a few.

COTEC GmbH | Develops and provides systems, materials and equipment for PVD thin film technologies. Long experience in thin film coating processes combined with continuous research and development are the key factors for improved materials and parts i.e. evaporation materials, sources and accessories, sputtering targets and "easy-to-clean" coatings.


Crystran Ltd | Optical engineers specialising in fabricating components from IR and UV materials. The materials that we work with are mainly crystal or innovative glasses used for their particular transmission properties, from which we derive the name of our company.


Cymtec Ltd | Specialises in laser and LED technology. An innovative company within this field and using patent pending LED Multiplexer and Laser technology. We are in the process of developing many new products for market. Cymtec’s aim is to take our customers problems and conduct R&D to solve these problems, in order to create totally new disruptive technology products for market.

Edinburgh Instruments | Designs and manufactures a range of spectrometers that use sophisticated fluorescence techniques to unlock the details of the most demanding applications. Experience in pioneering developments in fluorescence spectroscopy is second to none, stretching over 35 years with almost 1000 systems installed in Universities and leading research laboratories worldwide.

Enformatic Sp z.o.o | Our mission is to deliver quality products and services to our customers to help in their daily lives and their business. In doing so, we should always pursue solutions utilizing latest technological advancements and employ most capable professionals thus encouraging growth and prosperity for our company and our employees.

Evaporated Coatings Inc | Offers its customers a rare combination of technical depth, personalized service, and competitive pricing. ECI is dedicated to being the finest thin film coating resource available for customers located in the US or around the world.

EZconn Czech | Produce micro-systems made-to-measure to customers specific requirements. Manufacture microelectronic systems (MEMS), sensors, transmitters & receivers, TO diodes, LED diodes & bi-directional optical sub-assembly (OSA) modules. Ttechnology is developed & designed to achieve the highest product quality & reliability. Processes are certified ISO9001.

FRAMOS Electronics | will demonstrate its standard and embedded capability for its GigE and USB cameras, Windows 7, 8, Linux 32 and 64bit, as well as ARM architectures. We will also be presenting new product updates on sensors from Sony and Aptina.

Gill Jennings & Every LLP | Can help you turn your innovations, brands and designs into commercial success. We understand the importance of intellectual property to your business and by providing clear, creative and expert advice we can assist you in protecting, exploiting and managing your IP assets to maximise their value.

HHV Ltd | A global supplier of thin film coated products for the precision optics industry. We specialise in bandpass filters, notch filters, fluorescence filters, laser mirrors, beam splitters, AR coatings, metallic coatings, cold mirrors, UV reflectors and more. We also build optical thin film deposition systems. We look forward to meeting you at Photonex 2015.

IDIL | An engineering company specialising in the design, development, manufacturing of fibered systems and customized solutions: optical components, fiber lasers, front end source, fiber optic sensor, patchords and fiber optic cable, fiber components integration and optoelectronic systems such as Photonic Doppler velocimeter.

ISP-System | Specialises in Precision Engineering and Opto-mechanics: Deformable mirror for Intense laser, IR lasers and Synchrotron. The mechanical design is based on accurate injection of stress network on thick reflective surface. Micro-positioners allow high repeatability, position holding power off and adaptable resolution.

iXFiber | A specialty optical fibers and optical components for telecommunication, defense, sensor and industrial markets.

LEW Techniques | Manufactures metal and ceramic submounts for high power laser diodes and laser bars in W/Cu and AlN. These are precision machined with smooth flat surfaces, sharp edges and pre-deposited AuSn solder. We also manufacture mounts, assemblies and packages for photodiodes, microwave circuits and many other semiconductor applications.

Lumatec GmbH | Develops technology aimed to help customers tackle future challenges.  Catering to everyone who stands to benefit from specialty lighting instruments, we design, manufacture and market excellent components, systems and solutions. These instruments enable our customers to generate, transmit and apply the light they need to accomplish their missions.


Take a look at the Enlighten Conference.

PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION: Attend one, or multiple talks, spend the whole day or days in a specific meeting - all offered free-of-charge - The Enlighten Conference

Each newsletter until the event we will pick out features, speakers and comment about the programmes we are running.

Photonics Tutorials


Tutorials will feature on advances, techniques, technology comparisons, choosing your equipment for your project and features to look out for in the world of photonics components and instrumentation.


Wednesday 14th October 2015

11.00 The Spectrum of Material Selection
Mark Middleton, Crystran
11.20 Liquid crystal-based optical components and their applications
Fredrik Kihlborg, LC-Tec
11.40 Precision Motion Control for Fibre Optic Device Manufacturing
Jim Johnson, Aerotech Inc
12.00 Radiometry, Photometry and Colorimetry: How to navigate yourself through the Maze of Light and Colour Measurements, units & Terminology
Ger Loop, Avantes
12.20 Piezo Motors v’s Precision Electric motors
Geraint Green, UK Lead Technical Consultant, PI
(Physik Instrumente) Ltd.
12.40 SensL Technologies introduce a new generation of silicon photomultipliers
Martin Sharratt, AP Technologies/SensL
13.10 Beyond the Ordinary - Specialist Components for UltrafastLasers
Helmut Kessler, Manx Precision Optics
13.30 Hamamatsu MPPC Silicon Photomultipliers; their applications and recent improvements
Richard Harvey, Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd
13.50 Stumbling blocks in the specification and sourcing of optical components
Mark Curtis, Vision Engineering
14.10 Optimizing Lens & Mirror shapes for ultimate application performance
Alexander Hoerold, OMNI-Technologies
14.30 Frameless mirrors - a small, big revolution
Toby Scrivener, Laser 2000
14.50 Linear Variable Filters for fluorescence and hyperspectral imaging applications
Oliver Pust, Delta Optical Thin Films A/S
15.10 Turning Photons into Decisions and more
Jon Greenacre, tec5 UK


Event Dinner at Coombe Abbey.

Please join us at the PHOTONEX/VACUUM EXPO Medieval Banquet at Coombe Abbey.


Please consider bringing family or guests. It will be a fun evening that will suit anyone attending the event whether on their own or part of a group.

We recommend you take a look at the website to see what a great evening this will be:

Tickets are available to purchase directly on Eventbrite included is entry, a welcome drink, a four course feast with drinks along with accompanying themed entertainment.

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