RoseStreet Labs Energy Announces Grand Opening of Solar Cell Development Center

RoseStreet Labs Energy, Inc. (RoseStreet Energy) announced the grand opening of its new solar cell development center in Phoenix, Arizona. This photovoltaic development center includes a full spectrum photovoltaic pilot line and also a laboratory for solar cell packaging and interconnection. RoseStreet Labs Energy is developing both thin film and multijunction high efficiency solar cells for both the concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) and flat panel markets. RoseStreet Energy collaborates locally with FlipChip International on the packaging of the full spectrum photovoltaics and Sumika Electronic Materials, Inc. will continue to provide support for the manufacturing and development of the full spectrum products.

Bob Forcier, Chairman of RoseStreet Energy stated, "We are excited about this grand opening of our new development center and pilot line for full spectrum photovoltaics. Our progress during our first year has been substantial and our momentum is building for the launch of both our thin film multiband and multijunction high efficiency solar cells. Customer interest has been exceptionally strong for our future product lines on an international basis."

Wladek Walukiewicz, Chief Technical Officer said, "The innovative RoseStreet Energy approach to utilization of solar energy is based on recent research breakthroughs at major scientific institutions. The research advances allowed for realization of new concepts of high efficiency solar cells. Our objective is to develop the high performance solar cells at prices competitive with current commercial technologies."

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