HORIBA Jobin Yvon Introduces Fast and Low Cost Spectroscopic Ellipsometer and Polarimeter

HORIBA Jobin Yvon introduces the MM-16, a spectroscopic ellipsometer dedicated to advanced characterization of a broad range of materials such as semiconductors, compounds, alloys and organics.

Along with classical ellipsometry measurements of film thickness and optical constants, the MM-16 provides the full polarization states matrix (Mueller matrix) of a sample in less than 2 seconds. This additional capability allows accurate, simple and easy characterization of anisotropic and depolarizing materials.

The MM-16 has been developed with the simplest and most innovative optical set up. Indeed, it uses liquid crystals (LCs) as polarizer. Both generator and analyzer heads are identical. A 2048 pixels CCD coupled with an high resolution spectrograph, detects the reflected signal from the sample. Data analysis is performed by HORIBA Jobin Yvon spectroscopic ellipsometry software, Delta Psi 2. During the acquisition of the ellipsometric data, all the optical components are kept fixed. By rotating the LCs between two acquisitions, the full Mueller matrix of any samples can be measured in less than 2 seconds.

With a spectral range of 420 nm - 850 nm and a resolution of 2 nm, the MM-16 can measure multiple films thickness from few angstroms to several microns. Its unique optical set up makes it especially suitable for thin film characterization deposited on transparent substrates found in OLEDs, solar cells, or photovoltaic. The measurements of the Mueller matrix spectra allows the quantification of important parameters such as retardance, polarization dependence loss (PDL), depolarization degree necessary to accurately characterized liquid crystals displays and coatings. With the optional addition of an automatic variable angle of incidence (VASE) and a motorized mapping stage, the MM-16 is the perfect characterization tool for display applications.


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