Highly Customizable Software Supports Transparent Operation of AON Superblade

JDSU today announced the introduction of its Agile Optical Network (AON) Embedded Operating System (OS). This telecom-grade application framework will support all of the optical functions within JDSU's new AON Superblade solution that was also announced today, allowing it to seamlessly integrate within network equipment manufacturer's (NEMS) and service provider networks.

In addition to managing the day-to-day optical functions of the AON Superblade, the AON Embedded OS is designed with a modular software approach that allows JDSU design engineers to easily add new optical devices, applications, and customer systems.

The embedded operating system will also offer a higher level of performance compared to current optical offerings, including enhanced monitoring and increased responsiveness to system variations, due to integrated control systems and simplified communication paths. It will feature telecom grade functionality, including in-service software upgrades, built-in testing, and multiple telecom management interfaces such as SNMP, TL1 and CLI interfaces.

The AON Embedded OS includes a common library with three major software layers. This architecture will enable JDSU to easily add a new customer or platform to the AON Superblade without affecting other layers that manage basic functions. The layers include:

  • Customer Adaptation Layer - Highly customizable layer that allows the optical elements of the AON Superblade to work transparently in each customer's unique network infrastructure.
  • Common Operations Administration and Management (OAM) Software - Manages operations and administration between the optical device software and the specialized customer interface software. Examples include the device configuration, monitoring and trouble shooting.
  • Optical Device Software - Controls the basic operations of optical elements on the AON Superblade - such as the regular functions of the wavelength selective switch (WSS), erbium-doped amplifier (EDFA), and optical channel monitor technology.

"JDSU's AON Embedded Operating System is based on hundreds of thousands of lines of code that we've developed based on ten years of subsystem software expertise," said David Gudmundson, president of Optical Communications at JDSU. "It will be the key element that allows the AON Superblade to work seamlessly with our customers' network infrastructures."

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