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FUJIFILM to Release New Vari-Focal Lens for Security Cameras

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) has announced that it will release a new vari-focal (variable focal length) lens “FUJINON DV2.2×4.1SR4A” for security cameras in late May. This is the world’s first* vari-focal lens that offers advanced optical performance for compatibility with 6 megapixel high resolution security cameras.

The advancement of digital technology has led to the emergence of security cameras with high image quality in recent years. Security system manufacturers are developing cameras featuring a large-format sensor to achieve better image quality, and seeking higher performance in lenses, which represent the input point for video data. With the need for security reinforcement growing year after year, the security camera market is set to expand, boosting the demand for high resolution lenses compatible with large-format sensors.

When mounted on a high resolution security camera, FUJINON DV2.2×4.1SR4A can capture and record security footage with the finest details at the high resolution of 6 megapixels. The lens can have its focal length adjusted anywhere between 4.1mm and 9mm (2.2×) at the time of camera installation to support security monitoring from various angles. Its Day / Night design that supports near-infrared wavelengths gives the lens an ability to capture clear high-resolution footage even at night for broad applications both indoors and outdoors.
This product is available with the CS mount for box cameras widely used for security cameras as well as in the module type for built-in camera application. The module-type lens can have the iris (aperture) and zoom controlled with a motor to enable remote focus adjustment.

Tapping into the optical technologies and precision processing / assembling technologies nurtured over many years, Fujifilm provides a wide range of lenses for the age of high resolution digital imaging, including broadcast lenses, cinema camera lenses, and mobile phone camera lenses. In the security camera field with strong growth potential, the company is committed to addressing customer needs with its extensive lineup of lenses with high performance, high resolution and high quality.

This product will be showcased at the security trade show “ISC West 2014” to be held in the United States on April 2 – 4, 2014, and the “IFSEC International 2014” to be held in Britain on June 17 – 19, 2014.

* Among vari-focal lenses for security cameras, as of March 25, 2014 according to Fujifilm data

1. Product name :


2. Release date :

Late May 2014

3. Standard user price :


4. Main features :

  • Advanced optical performance that supports 6-megapixel high resolution security cameras for the first time in the world
    • Supporting the large 1/1.8” sensor
  • Models to match various camera types
    • Available in two types, i.e. one with the CS mount for box cameras and the other in the module type for built-in camera application
    • Also available with the P-Iris control to achieve optimum adjustment in the amount of light in scenes such as backlit conditions that require fine aperture adjustment
  • Covering various installation locations and usages
    • Adjustable focal length from 4.1mm to 9mm (2.2×)
    • Day / Night type that supports near-infrared wavelengths to capture clear footage even at night
    • Capable of wide-angle shooting with 100+ degree horizontal angle of view (when mounted on a camera with a 1/1.8” sensor)


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