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New Report Analyzes Trends and Markets for Metal Oxide TFT Backplanes for Displays

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Metal Oxide TFT Backplanes for Displays 2013-2018: Analysis, Trends, Markets" report to their offering.

Major trends in the industry are changing the back-plane functional requirements

There are many new frontiers in the display industry

Several major trends have been driving technological innovation in the display industry since its early days. These trends include image quality, screen size, portability and form factor. While these trends still remain strong undercurrents, new drivers are being introduced that will play a more prominent role in shaping the industry.

These new drivers will open up new frontiers, both on the technology and the market side. Indeed, they enable displays to both expand their existing markets and to diversify into new spaces. These major drivers that are set to change the display landscape include product differentiation, flexibility, 3D, transparency, system-on-panel, power savings, interconnectivity and screen size, and new front plane technologies and more.

There is no one size-fits-all-solution

Interestingly, there are already many different backplane technologies that are mature and available, or are fast emerging. These include amorphous silicon, nanocrystalline silicon, low-temperature poly-silicon, solution-processed or evaporated organic semiconductor and various metal oxide thin film transistor technologies. Add to this multiplicity of solutions a range of emerging nano-systems (e.g., various nanowires, graphene, carbon nanotubes) and you will find a decision-making nightmare.

This report makes sense of this changing, fragmented space

This report analyzes major drivers that are shaping the display industry. The major trends examined in detail include product differentiation, size and scaling, power savings, prolonged lifetime, 3D, mechanical flexibility, rimless designs, etc.

In our assessment, we also provide a detailed outline of activities in the OLED display segment, including

  • An analysis of announced production capacity
  • Number of units sold by manufacturer
  • Which backplane technologies are used by which manufacturers
  • A timeline of venture/partnerships activities taking place across the world in the OLED space.
  • Product development cycle for oxide semiconductors

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Metal Oxide Semiconductors

3. Metal Oxide Dielectrics

4. Metal Oxide Transparent Conductors

5. Trends in the Backplane Technology

6. Trends Shaping the Display Industry Going Forward

7. Market Analysis

8. Company Profiles

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