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Architectural SSL Magazine Presents Product Innovation Award to SORAA LED MR16 Lamp

Soraa, the world’s leader in GaN on GaN™ LED technology, announced today that it received a Product Innovation Award (PIA) from Architectural SSL Magazine for its SORAA OUTDOOR LED MR16 lamp. Suitable for use in outdoor fixtures, or indoors in enclosed recessed or small non-ventilated track fixtures, Soraa’s lamp is the ideal LED choice for replacing 35-Watt halogen MR16 lamps in diverse applications.

Comparison between SORAA OUTDOOR LED 9.5W MR16 and Halogen 50W MR16. "The right tree, with the Soraa lamps, looked more vivid and slightly brighter," said Janet Lennox Moyer, a leading landscape lighting designer. (Photo: Business Wire)

“The SORAA OUTDOOR LED MR16 lamp has a stunning visual impact on my projects and the lamp itself sheds heat elegantly, a rare quality in outdoor LED lighting,” said Janet Lennox Moyer, a leading landscape lighting designer. “I've compared my outdoor lighting projects using a competitor LED replacement lamp and a traditional halogen lamp, and I want my lighting projects to look the way they do when lit with Soraa's product.”

Ms. Moyer’s Landscape Lighting Institute in Troy, New York is a weeklong intensive outdoor lighting seminar where full-scale mockups are done using all major manufacturers equipment. She recounts the installation of Soraa lamps: “On an existing installation of uplighting and downlighting on two mature Black Walnut trees, we changed the uplighting of the right tree (facing the trees from the West) to the Soraa OUTDOOR 3000K lamps, both 25° and 36°, to compare them against halogen MR16s. At first, I was concerned that the effect would not be acceptable as the candlepower of both the medium and flood lamps was considerably less than the halogen. When we turned on the lamps, we were stunned. The right tree, with the Soraa lamps, looked more vivid and slightly brighter.”

Built around a single very small, very bright GaN on GaN LED light source that emits substantially more light (up to ten times more per unit area) and tolerates much higher temperatures than first generation LEDs, the SORAA OUTDOOR LED MR16 lamp is the only 35W-halogen-equivalent LED lamp that can be used in enclosed fixtures; produces no UV or IR; lasts up to 10 times as long; uses 75 percent less energy; runs cooler; produces a much more consistent and efficient beam; and are compatible with existing lamp fixtures and lighting infrastructure.

For more information of Soraa’s GaN on GaN LED MR16 lamps, visit: For more information on the Architectural SSL PIAs, visit:


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