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Radiant Zemax Introduces ProMetric G Family of Imaging Colorimeters

Radiant Zemax, a leading provider of light and color test and measurement systems and optical and illumination design software, today unveiled its next-generation ProMetric® G family of imaging colorimeters, the latest in the company’s industry-leading line of imaging colorimeters. ProMetric G includes several industry-first innovations to enable fast, accurate measurements matching human perception of brightness and color.

ProMetric G imaging colorimeters are initially available in two 14-bit dynamic range models. ProMetric G2 has a resolution of 1,536 x 1,024 pixels, ideal for general display testing and lighting measurement applications. ProMetric G3 is optimized for high-resolution display testing, with a resolution of 3,072 x 2,048 pixels. For both G2 and G3 models, the standard configuration includes three lenses (20mm, 50mm, and 100mm macro), with full calibrations for all focal distances and aperture settings supporting a wide range of measurement setups.

“Flat panel displays and LED lighting are everywhere in our lives today, and our impression of quality in these devices is strongly influenced by the uniformity and correctness of color and brightness we see,” said Paul Caragher, President and CEO at Radiant Zemax. “Imaging colorimeters are designed to perceive light and color like a human eye, in a precise and repeatable way. Because of this, Radiant Zemax solutions are already deployed in hundreds of labs and thousands of production lines worldwide. With ProMetric G, we have combined the high-performance capability our customers expect with usability features to deliver the most powerful, versatile, easy-to-use imaging colorimeter available.”

Smart Technology™ Innovation at the Core of ProMetric G

ProMetric G incorporates Smart Technology enhancements designed and manufactured by Radiant Zemax to simplify operation and improve measurement accuracy of the imaging colorimeter, including three industry-first innovations:

  • •Smart Control™ for fast, precise setup. Smart Control in ProMetric G gives the user electronic focus and aperture control, eliminating the need to make manual adjustments, ensuring measurement repeatability, and saving valuable time.
  • Smart Touch™ for full control at the imaging colorimeter. The ProMetric G colorimeter has been designed for ease of use, including the addition of a Smart Touch user interface on the case that allows the user to complete their measurement setup, acquisition, and review directly on the colorimeter.
  • Smart Calibration™ for automatic high accuracy results. In ProMetric G, the system senses the focal distance and aperture setting being used and automatically selects the correct calibration, which greatly simplifies measurement setup and improves accuracy.

ProMetric G provides an advanced stand-alone imaging colorimetry solution. It also integrates seamlessly with the Radiant Zemax TrueTest™ system for automated visual inspection for flat panel display (FPD) production, and as part of the Near Field Measurement System (NFMS) used for characterizing LED and other lighting systems.

Packaging and Availability

The ProMetric G imaging colorimeters are initially available in standard configurations consisting of the imaging colorimeter – ProMetric G2 or ProMetric G3 – with integrated color (X, Y, Z and Xb) and neutral density (ND0, ND1, and ND2) filters, as well as three lenses (20mm, 50mm, and 100mm macro) with full calibrations for all focus distances and usable aperture settings. These configurations are available for immediate order at discounted prices.


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