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Nextec Laser Metrology Launches WIZblade 3D Laser Inspection Technology

Nextec Laser Metrology has declared its WIZblade turnkey metrology solution for measuring of industrial turbine and compressor blades as well as aerospace jet engine blades with high speed and precision. Exceeding the limitations associated with freeform blade measurement and inspection,

Nextec Laser's WIZblade 3D Laser Inspection Technology

WIZblade lowers the inspection time promoting sampling rates and precision. The WIZblade solution enables users to minimize the turbine blade inspection process from eight hours/ day to 55 min.

The probe’s increased precision and large dynamic range enables setting up the alignment loop and the airfoil cross-section path, followed by rapidly collecting hundreds of points without noise. This solution ensures feature precision of 2 µ and single point precision of 12 µ, thereby meeting the maximum precision standards for blade measurement.

The WIZblade laser scanning system compares the entire dimensional components to the original CAD model, instantly. It makes form and dimensional deviations available within the production process. The deviation of machine output owing to cutting tool deterioration can be determined by measuring the parts and monitoring the blade machining process, which ultimately leads to optimization of tool offset. A closed-loop control of the machining process will result based on SPC outcome of the measurements, thereby harmonizing the integrity of process and component.

The operation of WIZblade involves the integration of advanced laser and vision technologies, innovative motion controller and special software for blade alignment, blade measurement, blade analysis and inspection report, and a proprietary 3D laser-based scanning sensor. WIZblade alignment, analysis, and inspection will be automatically conducted while production and measurement of finished (machined, shot peened and coated) as well as unfinished (forged or cast) blades.

A variety of 3-axis motion platforms and optional rotary tables are available with the system to be compatible with variations in blade geometry and size.


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