NAPANIL Project Presents Final Results at Photonics Europe

A European project titled Nanopatterning, Production and Applications based on Nanoimprinting Lithography (NAPANIL) has delivered presentations on its final results at Photonics Europe held from April 16 to 18, 2012 in Brussels.

This is the Innovation Village booth of NaPANIL. (Credit: Noemi Baruch, Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology)

The NAPANIL project, which explores the challenges to be tackled for the commercialization of nanoimprinting lithography (NIL), is now nearing its end. At Photonics Europe, the project participated in two major events of which the first was a special session titled ‘NIL for Photonics’,’ which was chosen as a ‘Hot Topic’ of the Micro-Optics conference series. Numerous nanoimprint lithography applications were presented in this event. Hella Scheer, a Professor at the University of Wuppertal’s Electron Technology, Information and Media Technology, delivered a presentation on ‘NIL for Pattern Definition’ and Marc Verschuuren, a Philips Research representative, presented about ‘NIL for Electronic Products.’ Other presentations included ‘Swellable Hydrogels for Optical Sensor Structures’ by TECNALIA and the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology; ‘Metallic Colour Filtering Arrays by NIL’ by Stefan Landis from CEA-LETI; ‘UV-based NIL for Negative Index Materials’ by Iris Bergmair; ‘Intelligent Displays for Cars’ by Vito Lambertini from FIAT Research Centre.

The NaPANIL project’s second event at Photonics Europe involved presentations on the project’s three major demonstrators at the Innovation Village area of the conference. The presentations included ‘Planar Diffactive Optical Element’ by Modines; ‘Functional Light Directional Element’ by Saint-Gobain Recherche; ‘OLED Head-Up Display’ by FIAT. Other products displayed were 8" wafers with nanoimprinted colour filters by CEA-LETI and roll-to-roll mini portable machine by PMT Tech based in Finland.



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