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Wasco Skylights to Market Parans’ Sunlight Solutions

Wasco Skylight Products has declared an exclusive partnership with Parans Solar Lighting. Following this partnership, Parans’ pioneering sunlight system solutions will be marketed by Wasco for office and domestic environments.

Paren's sunlight system sketch showing how fiber optics bring sunlight into interior rooms

LIGHTFAIR 2012, known as the international annual architectural and commercial lighting conference and trade show, will showcase this new partnership and the advanced technology at the Wasco exhibit. In addition, Wasco will also showcase the operation of fiber optics for effective tracking and capturing of sun to generate full spectrum natural light within indoor environments. Through these demonstrations, attendees at the show will have better idea about the emerging technologies in lighting.

For the past 75 years, Wasco has innovated sun lighting solutions. The innovations are being pursued by Wasco following its awareness about the effect of the sun on wellness and health. Over 16% increase in productivity and minimal overall carbon emissions can be achieved by using natural light in the place of artificial light.

According to the CEO of Wasco, Jeff Frank, by establishing this unique agreement with Parans, the company will progress to another strategic next step and will expand its extensive range of solar and daylight solutions that are capable of ensuring commercial and residential installation. Parans is an expert in developing this innovative technology and anticipates introducing the products in the markets across the U.S.

The new SP3 product and the recently established partnership will be demonstrated at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, scheduled between May 7 and May 11, 2012.


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