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STEMMER IMAGING’s Latest Release of Teledyne DALSA Complements Linescan Camera Series

STEMMER IMAGING has launched the newly developed Teledyne DALSA Piranha4 8k, 70 kHz linescan camera, the first product in its advanced range of linescan cameras.

High Speed Linescan Camera With Wide Dynamic Range

It ensures outstanding precision, responsivity and speed. This novel, multi-featured camera serves extended applications including solar cell inspection, flat panel inspection, web inspection of both narrow and wide web, printed circuit board inspection, high performance document scanning and parcel sorting.

The latest high performance CMOS dual linescan imager of Teledyne DALSA ensures P4 8k with pixel resolution up to 8096 and high line rates of 70 kHz. Its CameraLink interface enables generation of 573 MP/s. The versatile design of sensor architecture allows high throughput applications, showing line rate increase by 2x than earlier models. It also provides a high dynamic range.

The innovative dual linescan technology of Teledyne DALSA integrates signals from two parallel arrays of pixels, thereby minimizing the effect of shot noise at low light levels and increasing responsivity. The dynamic range is subsequently increased following the enhancement in signal to noise ratio.

With the latest GenICam compliant interface, the camera ensures simplified deployment and application such as setup, control, and integration into manufacturing domains. Precise sensor alignment across X/Y/Z axes ensures optimized and consistent operation in multi-camera systems. Certain functionalities in camera like flat field correction, white balance and gain settings and exposure control are fully programmable.

STEMMER IMAGING is a well-established, private company in UK that supplies vision technology and related services for system Integrators, industrial and scientific OEMs, and reseller markets. Its product portfolio includes the components of computer vision solutions like cameras, optics, software, illumination, and interfaces.


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