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Animal Clinic Uses Vetscope Rigid Endoscope to Maintain Pets’ Ear Health

Animal Hospital of Onslow County located in Jacksonville is using an advanced Vetscope Rigid Endoscope to investigate and carry out minor medical surgeries on pets’ ears.

The endoscope is a vital instrument for Animal Hospital of Onslow County, which uses it in a variety of applications. The sophisticated medical technology helps veterinarians to examine and store images of the inner parts of the pet’s ear, while allowing them to insert water or other special tools for flushing, cleaning or performing other tasks needed to sustain ear health.

The Vetscope Rigid Endoscope is helpful in diagnosing and treating ear disorders accurately. It features an elongated tube that has a video processor and monitor at one end. Its high-resolution optics helps the animal clinic to record an in-depth picture of the ear canal, while a connected printer is capable of generating hardcopy images.

The novel device has space for accommodating biopsy instruments and suction devices, thus allowing veterinarians to irrigate the ears, eliminate accumulated wax or other foreign matter, and get tissue samples for laboratory study.

Veterinarian Dr. Dave Altman explained that the Vetscope Rigid Endoscope is helpful in myringectomy, a minor surgery carried out on the tympanic membrane to get access to the middle air, and also involves tympanic bulla flushing to eliminate foreign matter and gather samples for further study. The animal clinic customizes its service to spot the urgent needs of each pet, he added.


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