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Aerotech Goniometer Stages Aimed at Optical Component Industry

Aerotech's ANT-20G goniometer stages provide a compact, high speed and high throughput solution for single or multi-axis angular positioning and alignment applications where free access is required at the central point of rotation.

Aimed at the optical component industry and also suited to large scale laser and X-ray diffractometry systems, the range features a unique curvilinear direct-drive brushless servo motor that provides cog-free smoothness, solid in-position stability and zero backlash performance.

The patented motor design combines with high precision angular bearings, a high resolution linear encoder and a controller based multiplier system to provide a calibrated positioning accuracy to +/- 10 arc-sec (+/- 5- µrad), with repeatability to +/- 0.5 arc-sec (+/- 2.5 µrad). Resolution with full encoder multiplication is to 0.013 arc-sec (0.063 µrad) and angular speeds of 150 degrees per second are attainable over the 20 degree travel range.

Unlike worm- and piezo-driven goniometers or goniometric cradles, the ANT-20G does not require periodic adjustment. Furthermore, with no gears to service and with its non-contact motor design, this goniometer stage will endure a very long and future-proof working life with minimal maintenance - for an exceptionally competitive cost of ownership.

ANT-20G goniometer stages are available in four models, each with a progressively increased centre of rotation. Adjoining sized models are provided with common mounting hole patterns to permit orthogonal stacking, allowing two perpendicular axes to position around the same centre of rotation. The smallest stage has a nominal width of 95.7 mm and the larger three sizes all have a 104.6 mm width; the maximum load on the largest stage is 3.5 Kg. Compared to rotary motor driven goniometer stages, the ANT-20G series motor is fully contained within the main housing, allowing extremely compact assemblies with maximum room available for other equipment.

The ANT-20-G goniometer stage may also be assembled with other ANT series stages (linear, vertical lift, and rotary) to create complete multi-axis motion platforms for fibre optic, sensor, MEMS and nanotechnology production and test applications.

Aerotech's A3200 Automation Platform control system is normally the preferred partner for ANT series applications. Supplied as a PC, software only, motion and machine control solution with a choice of PWM or linear technology servo amplifiers, the controller uses the IEEE-1394 Firewire® protocol to provide high-speed, fully deterministic distributed control of motion and I/O for up to 32 axes. The A3200 is available with a range of "soft" machine control modules that include HMI, Vision and PLC. Control software available covers C, C++, and Visual Basic®, Aerotech's own AeroBASICTM or NI LabVIEW. Alternatively, the optional Ncontrol® SDK software development kit is available for Windows® based ActiveX components, C++, VB and .NET class libraries.

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