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Sensofar-Tech Launches 2-D Optical Profiling System for High-End Optics

Sensofar-Tech has introduced a small two-dimensional optical profiling system called the PLu apex that can measure any kind of high-end and commercial optical surfaces including free form and aspheric optics.

The PLu apex uses Sensofar’s patented core confocal profilometry technology that is based on the firm’s Confocal Tracking algorithm. The alogorithm uses a high-numerical-aperture microscope objective and structured lighting to detect the sample surface’s position accurately and automatically.

Tech's 2-D Optical Profiling System, PLu apex

The system uses an ultra-resolution air-bearing stage to trace the horizontal motion of the objective. When the horizontal motion is collated with the vertical position of the sensor head required to maintain the surface in focus, the surface profile is reconstructed with precision and reproducibility. The system’s vertical resolution is 0.5 nm and horizontal resolution is 1 nm.

The PLu apex has a horizontal measurement range from 0.1 to 100 mm with 500 mm as an optional range, while its vertical measurement range is up to 50 mm. The system can measure slope angles of up to 65° and can arrange the samples easily and quickly. It has a typical measurement speed of 1 mm/s and measure objectives with sizes between 10X to 100X.

A SensoTrack software offers a fundamental set of tools for evaluating and showing data. It streamlines the sample measurement process and has a user-friendly interface. It also helps users when arranging the sample for calibration. An aspheric analysis module offers form evaluation as per a reference form or a design.

The PLu apex is ideal for assessing large-scale production optics for commercial applications such as DVD, digital cameras, Blu-ray, mobile phones and projector lenses. It is also ideal for free-form optics designs and ultra-accurate lens designs utilized in photolithography, astronomical equipment and optical data storage.


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