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Pinpoint Laser Systems Unveils Data Interface Accessory for Laser Microgage System

Pinpoint Laser Systems has rolled out a new data interface accessory for the Laser Microgage industrial alignment and measurement system.

The Capture enables operators to obtain measurements from four remote laser receivers to study the performance and alignment of industrial equipment and production machinery.

Laser Alignment Tool offers data interface accessory.

The Capture software is a Windows-based application that shows results, records incoming readings, integrates with statistical analysis packages and spreadsheets. The Capture and the Laser Microgage offer ease of operation and an accuracy of 0.0025 mm over an operating range of 55 m. In addition, the measurement readings can be saved in the Laser Microgage display and later transferred to a laptop or PC for storage, printing, analysis and graphical display.

Pinpoint Laser Systems’ Laser Microgage is suitable for analyzing the alignment of manufacturing equipment and machinery. Furthermore, the laser reference beam is useful for examining geometrical parameters, bore alignment, parallelism, squareness, flatness and straightness.


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