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New Scale Technologies Releases M3-F Focus Modules for OEM Cameras

New Scale Technologies has rolled out a M3-F focus module for small OEM cameras. It enhances image quality across various focus distances and measures 20x22x18.5 mm.

M3-F focus module

The M3-F module includes software, drive and control electronics, guide mechanism, position sensor and actuator. It has an integrated closed-loop PID control and features a microprocessor that receives high-level input commands and PID closed-loop system tuning commands through standard serial interfaces, namely USART, SPI or I2C.

New Scale Technologies’ module includes a microprocessor, TRACKER magnetic position sensor, motor drive ASIC, piezoelectric SQUIGGLE micro motor and a motion mechanism.

The M3-F module offer lens motion at a position resolution of 0.5 µm, an angular alignment of above +/-0.5° and a micrometer accuracy of greater than 30 µm. In addition, the module is based on the company’s M3 micro-mechatronics module platform and uses an input voltage of 3.3 V battery for operation.


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