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CAST Lighting Transformers with No-Surge Technology Eliminates Current Problem

CAST Lighting announced today the incorporation of soft-start technology into their professional line of 'Master Series'® landscape lighting transformers. The new exclusive patent-pending feature, No-Surge™, marks the first time this technology has been incorporated into multi-tap power supplies.

The No-Surge unit addresses two common problems with landscape lighting systems - nuisance tripping of circuit breakers and premature lamp burnout. Both problems are caused by the inrush current when the system is first powered up.

Explaining the importance of this innovation, David Beausoleil, President of CAST Lighting said, "Inrush current has been a major problem for landscape lighting installers and their homeowner clients. We often receive complaints that circuit breakers are tripping and that lamps are burning out long before their expected life. The main culprit is inrush current, an unavoidable occurrence that sends a very powerful spike of electricity when a unit is powered up."

The No-Surge soft-start technology works by absorbing the inrush current and slowly releasing it over a period of 10 seconds. This is apparent as lights gradually increase in brightness. Lamp life is preserved because the cold filament is gradually heated instead of undergoing the shock of a sudden jolt of electricity. Homeowners witness the effects of this sudden jolt when they turn on a light switch and the light bulb dramatically flashes and burns out. This is prevented with the No-Surge technology.

Addressing how this recent improvement fits into the company's strategic plan, Beausoleil said, "CAST Lighting is a very dynamic and forward-thinking company. Instead of looking for ways to cut costs, we operate on a principle of advancing the technology and always seeking to improve our existing products. This holds true for our entire product line. We listen to our customers and act quickly to meet their needs. In a few short years, we've built a reputation as innovators and quality leaders. We believe that adopting the soft-start technology is one more step towards advancing the success of our industry and its professionals."

CAST Lighting 'Master Series' transformers with the No-Surge soft-start technology are now available through CAST Lighting distributors. Component units are also available for retrofitting previous models that are already installed.

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