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LASER COMPONENTS Rolls Out OT-4040 Laser Alignment System

LASER COMPONENTS has launched a new portable laser alignment system that is ideal for accurate arrangement of mechanical structures across maximum distances of 300 feet.

OT-4040 Laser Alignment System

The OT-4040 laser measurement system allows swift measurement of the X-Y deviation at any point on a laser reference line.

The laser device allows users to monitor the project dynamically by positioning a translucent measurement target along the laser’s reference line. Users can take the reading by utilizing the central processing unit present with the system.

The OT-4040 system is convenient to operate and has a resolution of 0.001” at maximum distances of 300 ft. The device is extensively used in the automotive industry and also by shipbuilders and aircraft manufacturers. It reduces man hours and offers smooth efficiency in a diverse range of adverse alignment applications.


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