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New CL-R Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser from PRIMA North America

Laser provider, PRIMA North America has released the new CONVERGENT LASERS CL-R pulsed Nd:YAG laser. The CL-R laser couples a maximum peak power of 50 kW with low divergence resonator optics to generate an intense laser spot.

pulsed NdYAG laser

The laser spot is produced to drill holes up to 75 mm length, to drill 3 mm long holes at the rate of 10 holes/sec on a fly, and to cut at a speed of 300 mm/min. The focus with a long depth allows drilling of deep holes with a reduced taper. Unique pulseshaping methods can be utilized to enhance the geometrical quality of holes produced, by using single laser shots on a fly.

PRIMA provides a turnkey retrofit package with complete startup assistance and on-site installation for the users of the previous model LASERDYNE 790, 890, and 780 systems. If retrofitted, the CL-R laser would be compatible with current software programs and delivery hardware, as well as can function with currently used chillers.

PRIMA North America’s President, Terry L. VanderWert stated that the CL-R laser is designed as a replacement for the JK704 range of lasers utilized by LASERDYNE SYSTEMS consumers across the globe. VanderWert added that the laser offers the users of the LASERDYNE system an upgrade option to maximize the performance of the system.


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