BT’s Internet Service Providers to Nominate Exchanges for Fiber Optic Broadband Upgrade

BT announced that it has allowed the internet service providers (ISPs), who use its network, to nominate telephone exchanges for upgrading the fiber-optic broadband services. The ISPs, who have signed the Generic Ethernet Access product of BT Openreach, can select a maximum of six regions to profit from the high-speed broadband access.

Fiber Optic Cable

BT, however, stated that service providers should ensure that 10% of the properties, under the telephone exchange coverage, are utilizing the fiber-optic broadband service. The broadband services must be utilized by the properties before one year of installation, so that network upgradation will be commercially feasible. BT’s broadband network is being accessed by 15 million houses and businesses across the UK, as on the end of August 2010.

David Campbell, Openreach’s Managing Director of next-generation access, stated that the company has been working very closely with the industry to determine which regions would profit from the fiber-optic broadband services.


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