OPTEK’s OPI1268 Optoisolator Available from Illuminated Components

Illuminated Components has released a new OPI1268 optical isolator that is suitable for power isolation purposes in high-voltage PCB circuits in office machines, medical electronic devices and industrial electronics systems.

The OPI1268 optoisolator, developed by TT electronics OPTEK Technology, provides DC and AC voltage isolation up to a maximum of 16 KV and achieves 2 Mbd digital data transmission speed.

OPI1268 Optoisolator

The OPI1268 integrates a Gallium Aluminum Arsenide LED with 850 nm peak wavelength, which is optically connected to a Photologic photodiode in the integrated circuit (IC). The UL-recognized optoisolator has propagation delays of less than 500 ns and a forward current of 10 mA typical and 50 mA maximum. The optical device operates at a temperature range of -40°C to +100°C, and is packed in a high-dielectric opaque plastic casing.

OPTEK Technology’s Vice President of optoelectronic component solutions, Rodney Bailey, stated that the optoisolator’s output integrated circuit senses the optical signal and transforms it into a proportionate current. This proportionate current is sent via a linear amplifier and compensated for voltage, current and temperature, and provides a stable digital output with a configuration of an open collector inverter, Bailey said.

Source: http://www.illuminatedcomponents.com

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