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High Q Laser’s femtoTRAIN Ti:Sapphire Generates Clean Pulse Train

High Q Laser offers the compact, all-diode-pumped, femtoTRAIN Ti:Sapphire oscillator. The femtoTRAIN Ti:Sapphire provides light pulses with less than 100 fs (femtosecond) duration at 73 MHz repetition rate, and up to 400 mW average power.

The Ti:Sapphire is available at 870, 850, 810, 800, or 790 nm fixed center wavelengths. The laser can also be functioned at the second harmonic wavelength.

High Q Laser's femtoTRAIN

The femtoTRAIN covers a footprint of 53x20 cm with 7.5 cm height. The oscillator includes a pump laser, and an fs-resonator in a single monolithic housing. It does not require an external pump laser. A SESAM (semiconductor saturable absorber mirror) enables self-starting and passive mode locking to provide a stable and sturdy system. In comparison to the KL mode locking, the SESAM mode locking enables a clean pulse train with over 50 dB side band suppression.

The highly stable femtosecond laser is ideal for imaging methods including Two-Photon Microscopy, or nanostructuring applications like 2PP (Two-Photon Polymerization). The Ti:Sapphire is utilized for generating THz in low noise because of its clean pulse train. The turnkey operation, low price, and compact size of the femtoTRAIN make it a user-friendly tool for researchers, scientists, and industrial field’s integrators.  


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