Telops High Performance Infrared Cameras

The specialized line of high-performance infrared cameras from Telops is customized for specific applications, providing real-time, reliable, and accurate measurements in scientific, environmental and defense markets. This article discusses the key features and technical specifications of the thermal imaging cameras (Figure 1) offered by Telops.

Figure 1. High-performance infrared cameras from Telops

FAST-IR – High-Speed Infrared Camera

The FAST-IR infrared cameras are used for the analysis of dynamic events, providing high-speed thermal imaging with an unprecedented temporal resolution at a rapid frame rate (more than 1500 fps full-frame). These high-performance infrared cameras can detect challenging targets due to their extreme sensitivity. They have an improved identification capability utilizing spectral characteristics and adjust themselves to rapid temperature changes

HD-IR 1280 - High Definition Infrared Camera

The HD-IR 1280 infrared cameras from Telops help to analyze events and targets thoroughly through the generation of sharp and crisp images. With high sensitivity, integrated 1.3MP camera, and possible multispectral capabilities, these high-resolution scientific cameras are suitable for airborne mapping and surveillance of vast areas.

MS-IR – Multispectral Infrared Camera

The MS-IR infrared cameras enable spectral signature analysis by facilitating the splitting of the scene signal into eight different spectral bands. The fast-rotating 8-position filter wheel mechanism optimizes the frame rate of the cameras and can be utilized in both fixed and rotating modes.

HDR-IR - High Dynamic Range Infrared Camera

The HDR-IR cameras are suitable for measuring scenes involving an extended temperature range of up to 2500°C. They have minimized NETD and maximized camera sensibility for any static or dynamic scenes, automatically determining the best exposure time based on the scene.

TS-IR - Thermal Scientific Infrared Camera

TS-IR infrared cameras provide unprecedented image accuracy and sensitivity. These versatile scientific cameras have a 4-position filter wheel, and a rugged enclosure to handle the most challenging environments.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of Telops’ high-performance infrared cameras are summarized in the following table:

HD-IR Spectral Range (^m) FPA frame size (pixels) Maximum full frame rate (Hz)
HD-IR 1280 InSb 3 - 5 1280x1024 105
HD-IR 1280 MCT 3 - 5 1280x1024 50
FAST-IR 1500 3 - 5 320x256 1500
FAST-IR 650 3 - 5 640x512 350*
*650 at FPA frame size of 320 x 526
HDR-IR MW 3 - 5 640x512 115
HDR-IR VLW 8 - 12 320x256 300
HDR-IR MW FAST 3 - 5 320x256 1500
HDR-IR MW HD InSb 3 - 5 1280x1024 55
HDR-IR MW HD MCT 3 - 5 1280x1024 50
MS-IR MW 3 - 5 640x512 115
MS-IR VLW 8 - 12 320x256 300
MS-IR MW FAST 3 - 5 320x256 1500
MS-IR MW HD InSb 3 - 5 1280x1024 55
MS-IR MW HD MCT 3 - 5 1280x1024 50
TS-IR MW InSb 3 - 5 640x512 300
TS-IR MW MCT 3 - 5 640x512 115
TS-IR MW MCT HT 3 - 5 640x512 115
TS-IR LW 8 - 10 640x512 115
TS-IR LW HT 8 - 10 640x512 230
TS-IR VLW 8 - 12 320x256 300

Key Features of Telops Infrared cameras

Telops infrared cameras are equipped with Real-Time Processing (RTP) and Real-Time Temperature Calibration (RTTC) features. The RTTC process avoids performing challenging calibration measurements in the field. While running the camera, the data acquired is instantaneously processed by the RTP process, presenting the temperature variations of the scene in real-time. The presence of robust post-processing software enables users to read data in different formats, including emittance, radiance, NUC, RAW, and temperature.

All Telops infrared cameras deliver a radiometric temperature accuracy of ±1°C or ±1% over the entire range. Temperature sensitivity is crucial in the acquisition of thermal imaging data. The Telops infrared cameras are capable of detecting temperature differences down to 20mK. The Thermography Package developed by Telops makes the cameras user-friendly and operable by users of all experience levels to acquire more precise and accurate data. The Thermography Package consists of wi-fi data transfer; internal storage capacity; processing (RTP); patented Real-time Temperature Calibration (RTTC); Automatic Exposure Control (AEC); and Enhanced High Dynamic Range Imaging (EHDRI). The TS-IR and the HD-IR (InSb) cameras are equipped with the Thermography Package.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Telops Inc.

For more information on this source, please visit Telops Inc.


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