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Ytterbium Doped Glass Lasers – Properties and Applications

Ytterbium doped glass laser is a solid state laser doped with ytterbium. Ytterbium and other rare earths are used to dope the active lasing mediums of solid state lasers. Doping with ytterbium enhances the efficiency of the lasers and generates short pulses. The output wavelength of ytterbium dopes glass lasers is 1µm. Doping with ytterbium enhances the absorption abilities and emission bandwidths.

The ytterbium (Yb) doped glass medium of the laser is fabricated on a silicon chip by the solgel chemical synthesis method. The trivalent Yb3+ is used to dope crystals and glass. A laser diode is used as the power source for this laser. Safety goggles need to be worn while operating the laser.

Laser Properties

Laser Properties
Laser type Solid
Pump source Laser Diode
Operating wavelength 1 µm

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical and Chemical Properties
Chemical formula Yb:SiO2


The primary application of ytterbium doped glass laser is in material processing. Material processes such as welding, cutting, marking etc are performed using this laser. Some of the other applications of this laser are given below:

  • Production of power
  • Non-linear fiber optics
  • Broadband fiber-nonlinearity based sources
  • Pump source for Raman lasers
  • Distribution Raman amplification pump for telecommunication.

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