How can Hyperspectral Imaging be Used in Machine Vision?

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What is hyperspectral imaging?

Hyperspectral imaging is a combination of imaging and spectroscopy. It's like spectroscopy with a spatial dimension. When you do hyperspectral imaging you  get, not only RGB measures and its three bands but hundreds of those, that's why we get a cube, a hyperspectral cube.

What industries is hyperspectral imaging used in?

It is mostly for recycling, of course, but in can be used in everything related to pharmaceutics, colour inspection and precision agriculture, for instance with precision agriculture you can detect and monitor different types of characteristic and properties that you can see in the field on the vegetation.

What applications have they specifically been used for?

Quality control and sorting. Within quality control, for example, when you monitor colour you want to be sure of the batch consistently maintains the same colour over time. It can be used for sorting, in the food industry as well as in recycling, sorting glass from cardboard, A from B. It can be used in pharmaceutics for quantitative and qualitative analysis and there are a lot of other applications which I cannot go into detail on.

What are the advantages of hyperspectral imaging over other imaging methods?

With other imaging methods they usually broad-band or only few bands in spectral imaging which means that you cannot highlight either small differences or you cannot detect everything. For example, if you want to recycle some different type of plastics,  they individually will have tiny difference within the spectrum and if you are using multi-spectral cameras, you will not be able to highlight those differences, however, if you use hyper spectral imaging you can be more accurate and more efficient.

What products are you offering here at Vision?

At Vision, we are showing our FX10, our FX17, which are cameras for the industry, recycling and colour and we also have our new IQ camera, which is a portable device.

What support do you provide alongside this?

When we sell a product there is a warranty of two years, which includes technical support. Technical support includes reboot and diagnostics if you have some issues with the system. If you want to have training, it's possible to do this, but you need purchase it separately.

What areas are you looking to develop further?

We are discussing new strategic partnerships with some third-parties as well as adding different wavelengths to some cameras to target more industries too


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