Using Software and Machine Vision in the Food and Beverage Industries

Food Industry

Packaging Production

A central topic for the food industry is image processing. For instance, in the production of casting molds (for chocolate figures, chocolate bars, and candies) or cups and bowls (for the likes of butter, margarine, and similar dairy products), visual inspections are essential.

A smooth process is guaranteed by the machine vision, which also ensures constantly high product quality. Consequently, solutions are offered by EVT which can be realized with the easy-to-program EyeVision software. Additionally, it is recommended that you combine this with a smart camera, such as those form the EyeChek or EyeSpector series.

Error Detection and Quantification

Furthermore, it is possible both to detect errors in and quantify products such as candies, cookies, and chocolate, as well as vegetables, fruit, and meat. The following errors can be detected by the EyeVision software:

  • Missing icing
  • Broken cookies
  • Unripe or overripe vegetables or fruits
  • Pastries which are too dark

This ensures that goods which are damaged can be discharged during the production stage.

3D for Food Inspection

EyeScan 3D, the new smart camera systems series, allows the user access to the third dimension. A ready-calibrated laser triangulation sensor and an evaluation processor are contained within the compact housing of the EyeScan SR 3D SH pictured above.

The evaluation processor can thread as many as 40000 3D-profiles every second. The system contains the entire evaluation software, which can be programmed by Drag-and-Drop. It is possible to realize all tasks, be they simple testing method tasks or object recognition using robots. The great variety of algorithms enables the solving of even the most complex, three-dimensional problems.

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