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Ultrafast Lasers for Bioimaging, Materials Analysis and Semiconductor Inspection - AeroPULSE

The aeroPULSE is a portfolio of industrial-grade mode-locked fiber lasers, which are based on the established Crystal Fiber platform from NKT Photonics. The aeroPULSE line delivers output power up to 40 W, and is used for material processing, bioimaging, and semiconductor inspection.

The aeroPULSE lasers provide perfect beam quality, high power quasi-CW output, constant maintenance-free operation, and exceptional stability. The aeroPULSE comes with either 40 W or 10 W output power emitting at 1035 nm. Green and other wavelengths are also available on demand. The all-fiber platform allows NKT Photonics to provide a two-year warranty to the aeroPULSE series. The fully modular optical solution offers maximum up-time, flexibility, and easy turn-key operation.

The system includes an extremely low profile laser head, with vertical and horizontal mounting options, and a 19” rack-mountable control unit. Both air-cooling and water-cooling options are available to deliver low output power performance and high output power performance.

Key Features

The main features of the aeroPULSE lasers include:

  • 5-20 ps pulse length
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Narrow linewidth
  • 24/7 operation with zero maintenance
  • Average power up to 40 W
  • Rugged and compact OEM design
  • No warm-up time – Instant ON
  • System monitoring through remote diagnostics
  • Enhanced beam pointing stability
  • Industrial reliability
  • All-fiber design

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