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Benchtop Single Frequency Lasers with Low Noise and Ultra-Narrow Linewidths - Koheras ADJUSTIK

Based on NKT Photonics well-established BASIK modules, the Koheras ADJUSTIK is a rack-mountable benchtop, single frequency DFB fiber laser. It is a superior industrial low noise laser, with ultra low phase noise and Hz-range linewidth, which is usually only found in expensive scientific systems.

The Koheras ADJUSTIK is offered as speedily deployable sources for research laboratories wanting to use it as a tool for scientific work, without having to waste time setting up a laser system.

Key Features

The main features of the Koheras ADJUSTIK are:

  • Based on Koheras BASIK Module seed technology
  • Upgradable in terms of output power
  • CONTROL software is offered for the control, and read-out of laser parameters on a PC, such as output power, wavelength, and RIN suppression

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