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Single Frequency Lasers - Koheras BOOSTIK

The Koheras BOOSTIK OEM module is an industrial, single frequency DFB fiber laser module, based on NKT Photonics industry-leading BASIK OEM laser modules. It offers active wavelength control and broad-range thermal wavelength tuning. It can handle operation in harsh airborne or ground based environments, such as wind sensing, LIDAR, and security featuring unique isolation to acoustic noise and vibrations.

The BoostiK OEM module is equipped with an USB to RS485 interface adapter, which includes control software containing a graphical user interface for easy control. The BoostiK OEM is offered in two models - Standard low RIN C15, and low phase noise E15.

Key Features

The main features of the Koheras BOOSTIK OEM module are as follows:

  • Ultra-narrow linewidth in the Hz range
  • Superior low frequency and intensity noise
  • Output power is 1 W
  • Center wavelength can be selected freely in the 1535-1585 nm range, e.g. on the ITU grid

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