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Metal Halide Microscopy Light Source – Superior Alternative to Mercury Burners - Lumen 200

The Lumen 200 is an ideal replacement for traditional mercury burners. The metal halide lamps of the Lumen 200 offer a similar, yet exceptional spectral output, and have a 2,000 hour lifetime compared to the mercury burner’s 200 hours.

The Lumen 200’s spectral output is similar to the mercury burner, so the fluorophores excited under HBO illumination will also be excited by the light generated by the Lumen 200. This helps negating the requirement of changing filter sets.

The self aligning lamp of the Lumen 200 does not need frequent lamp replacement, or lengthy and complicated lamp aligning procedures.

Various models of the Lumen 200 are available, this includes: The Lumen 200S, which has an automated shutter which can close within 30 ms. The Lumen 200Pro can be combined with the ProScan® III control system. It allows intensity control in 1% increments, with an internal motorized six position filter wheel and a shutter which can close in less than 20 ms. The Lumen 210 and 220 offer expanded light outputs for Cy 5, Cy 5.5, Cy7 and UV dyes.

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Key Features

The main features of the Lumen 200 are listed below:

  • Self aligning lamp has a longer lifetime
  • Time until bulb replacement is displayed on the unit
  • Similar to a HBO bulb, but it has excellent light quality and allows the same filter dyes and techniques to be used
  • Liquid light guide homogenizes light and decreases heat and vibration transfer
  • Adapters are available for most microscopes
  • Manual intensity control allows light levels to be decreased to 70%, 50%, 25%, 10% or 0%

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