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LED Light Source for Microscopy - Instant and Accurate - The Lumen 100

The Lumen 100 offers precise and instant control of a single compact LED light source, which can be coupled directly to the imaging system or microscope. The LEDs have instant turn on/off, and do not require warm up and cool down time. They also provide a narrow spectrum LED illumination.

It is possible to swap each LED unit quickly and easily when required. The light emitted can be controlled in 1% increments, from 0-100%.

Using RS232 or USB, the unit can be controlled from a computer or operated as a stand-alone computer. Adapters are provided to connect the device to various upright and inverted microscopes.

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Key Features

  • LED technology with a wide range of LEDs provided including white light LED
  • Spectrum: 365-660 nm
  • Low heat and vibration production
  • More than 25,000 hours of operational lifetime
  • Option to combine units


  • Illumination
  • Fluorescence inspection
  • Imaging

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