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AvaSpec-NIR256-2.5-HSC - High Sensitivity NIR Spectrometer

Avantes’ high sensitivity AvaSpec-NIR256-2.5-HSC is a NIR spectrometer that is compact and lighter than its predecessors.

This improved version offers more sensitivity and has a NA of 0.13, providing optimal balance between sensitivity and resolution. The 2.x-series extended InGaAs tools consist of 256 or 512 pixel detectors.

A number of gratings have been offered so as to enable customization of the tool for optimal performance to match specific application.

The tool has a replaceable slit which allows better flexibility for performing experiments.

Digital and analog IO ports are provided for external triggering and control of shuttered and pulsed light sources from the AvaLight range of illumination sources.

The HSC is equipped with the user selectable gain setting mode - either a high-sensitivity (HS) setting for measuring in lowlight conditions or a low-noise (LN) standard setting for providing longer integration time and higher signal to noise ratio.

The AvaSpec-NIR256-2.5-HSC is ideal for corn, grain, soya, wheat, and other analyses.

Key Features

The main features of the AvaSpec-NIR256-2.5-HSC are as follows:

  • Optical bench - TE-cooled symmetrical Czerny-Turner, 100mm focal length
  • Wavelength range - 1000-2500nm
  • Temperature range - 0-55°C
  • Resolution - 4.8-77.0nm
  • Analog and digital IO ports
  • Pixel size (WxH) - 50µm x 250µm
  • User selectable gain setting mode – LN and HS
  • Interface - USB 2.0 high speed, 480Mbps RS-232, 115,200bps


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