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High Quality Optran® UV and Optran® WF Silica Fiber

The high-quality Optran® UV and Optran® WF fiber from ArmadilloSIA® displays remarkable performance and transmission from the deep UV to the IR. With splendid broad temperature capability and laser damage resistance, Optran® UV and Optran® WF are perfect for applications operating between the 180 – 2500nm spectral range, such as Thomson scattering, spectroscopy, and medical diagnostics, laser delivery  systems, and many more.

Capabilities include fibers with 20 – 3,000 µm core and N.A. range 0.06 – 0.62. ArmadilloSIA® provides various jacket types and sizes custom-designed to fulfill users' specifications.


  • Pure synthetic, fused silica glass core 
  • High resistance against laser damage 
  • Step-index profile 
  • Special jackets available for high temperatures, high vacuum and harsh chemicals 
  • Very low NA expansion
  • Biocompatible material 
  • Sterilizable using ETO and other methods


Image Credit: Armadillo SIA

Image Credit: Armadillo SIA 

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