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Optran® PUV/PWF Silicone-Clad Silica Fibers

High transmission values for UV through NIR wavelengths characterize ArmadilloSIA® silicone-clad silica fibers, perfect for applications ranging from remote lighting to spectroscopy.

Optran® PUV and PWF fibers are entirely biocompatible, radiation resistant, and a cost-effective alternative to all silica-fibers. Silicone-clad fibers offer superior UV and IR transmission compared to Optran® HUV and HWF hard-clad silica fibers.

In addition to offering a variety of jacket styles, ArmadilloSIA® supports Optran® PUV and PWF fibers with core diameters 100 - 2,000µm and high numerical aperture.


  •  High concentricity 
  •  Step-index profile 
  •  Biocompatible material 
  •  Sterilizable using ETO and other methods

Image Credit: Armadillo SIA

Image Credit: Armadillo SIA

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