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MIR (Mid-Infrared) Fibers

Armadillo SIA® is unique in its capacity to economically support with MIR optical fiber ideal for extremely low attenuation values in the mid-infrared range.

Armadillo SIA offers highest quality MIR fibers for various applications, from medical treatments to FT-IR spectroscopy (4–6 µm).

Typical Table

  • MIR cable with NA 0, 25; both end SMA connector; PEEK protection tube
  • MIR 400/500
  • MIR 600/700
  • MIR 860/1000


  • Non-hygroscopical material
  • High numerical aperture
  • Reliable coupling accessories available
  • Core/Clad or Bare Core design
  • Optimized for CO and CO2 lasers
  • Low attenuation in the MIR region
  • Non-brittle and very flexible



  • Remote, non-contact, temperature control
  • IR imaging
  • Laser surface treatment
  • CO2 Laser Delivery
  • FT-IR spectroscopy
  • Pyrometry
  • Laser marking

Image Credit: Armadillo SIA



Image Credit: Armadillo SIA

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