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Low Frequency Vibration Isolators up to 4200 lbs

SM-1 Low Frequency Vibration Isolators

The SM-1 device can take loads up to a maximum weight of 4200 lbs and a minimum weight of 500 lbs and perform at low frequency vibrations with 1/2 Hz frequencies in both the horizontal and vertical direction.

The FP-1 Floor Platform, as well as alternative heavy isolator systems made up of multiple devices, requires the SM-1 negative-stiffness device as it is an essential building block, which does not need electricity or air.

This SM-1 device has the identical underling characteristics that all our negative-stiffness, passive, manually-adjustable bench top devices share. It performs with our extremely-low frequency isolation for payloads that are lots of thousands of pounds.

Not only can the device stand alone, it can be used in combination with multiple isolators as a network to attain the highest capacity. Their arrangement can be altered and customized to best suit the desired application. And when necessary, the device can be made customary to specific criteria for the user and its application, for example different frequencies for the horizontal and vertical directions, and dampening, etc. As well as the ability to make them suitable to be used in vacuums or cleanrooms. Additionally, the devices can be put on a podium to elevate the SM-1 isolator.

Shown below is a transmissibility graph that presents the performance that can be expected from an SM-1 isolator.

**For International Orders, A Handling Fee of 5% is added.

SM-1 device performance curve

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Weight: Approximately 155 lb (70.3 kg)
Dimensions: 13" W x 13" D x 20.5" H
(330 mm W x 330 mm D x 521 mm H)
Approximate payload weight range:
Model Payload Range* Price**
700SM-1 110 - 750 lb
(50 - 340 kg)
1200SM-1 675 - 1330 lb
(315 - 603 kg)
1500SM-1 800 - 1550 lb
(363 - 703 kg)
1900SM-1 1200 - 1950 lb
(544 - 885 kg)
2400SM-1 1800 - 2500 lb
(817 - 1134 kg)
2900SM-1 2400 - 3000 lb
(1089 - 1361 kg)
3400SM-1 2800 - 3600 lb
(1270 - 1633 kg)
4000SM-1 3400 - 4200 lb
(1542 - 1905 kg)



  • Vertical natural frequency of 1/2 Hz or less can be achieved over the entire load range.
  • Horizontal natural frequency is load dependent. 1/2 Hz or less can be achieved at or near the nominal load.

Simple Set-Up and Adjustment

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