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Laser Beam Expanders from Optical Surfaces Focusing and Shaping Laser Beams with High Degree of Accuracy

The Optical Surfaces Ltd. range of Laser Beam Expanders provide a proven means of focusing and shaping laser beams with a high degree of accuracy.

Designed to be easy to use and to provide accurate, unobstructed and achromatic expansion of any collimated input source - four standard beam expanders are available offering x5, x10, x15 and x20 magnification. OSL Beam Expanders are ideal for applications in which a small spot must be formed at some distance from the laser, or where the collimation range must be extended for illumination, or for alignment of distant objects.

Manufactured to better than lambda/10 surface accuracy, the off-axis design of OSL Laser Beam Expanders produces no central obscuration and highly efficient transmission is obtained, unspoilt by spider diffraction patterns. Alignment aids are supplied with each beam expander to ensure correct beam pointing. The all-reflecting design of OSL Laser Beam Expanders is achromatic and with aluminium coatings can operate from the UV to far IR without adjustment. Using zero expansion glass mirror substrates OSL beam expanders provide high operational stability.

In addition to the standard products, Optical Surfaces Ltd. is also able to provide Custom Beam Expanders optimally tailored to suit your exact needs. Customised Beam Expanders can be produced to provide lower wavefront distortions, different expansion ratios, higher transmissions and damage thresholds and even larger output beam diameters.

OSL Laser Beam Expanders are supplied housed in a robust box assembly that offers provision for fixing to an optical table and enables transportation to different sites without the need for internal realignment. Test interferograms and an OPD map are supplied with every beam expander supplied by Optical Surfaces Ltd.

Optical Surfaces ISO 9001-2000 approved manufacturing facility provides the flexible resources to supply from single specialist requirements to OEM quantities.

For further information on Laser Beam Expanders please contact Optical Surfaces Ltd. on +44-208-668-6126, email [email protected] or visit

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